Monday, February 23, 2009

On the Oscars

I thought I was so smart. I thought, Hey, I'll set up this fancy-schmancy Dish network system to RECORD the Oscars so I can skip through all the boring bits! But the fancy-schmancy Dish network system assumed that the Oscar broadcast will end when it is scheduled to end and so I ended up missing both Kate Winslet and Sean Penn's speeches which, I am told by reliable sources, were some of the best bits of the evening.

I want to know why the Oscar telecast people feel the need to entertain us when the winners themselves provided all the most lovely moments: Dustin Lance Black's acceptance in which he told gay and lesbian watchers that God loves them; Philippe Petit balancing the statuette on his chin. In short: CUT THE PRODUCTION NUMBERS!

Obituary fanatic that I am, I always love the "Remembrance" section of the telecast and I thought it was DREADFUL this year. Why didn't they let the screen showing those who died fill the television screen? And though I absolutely adore Queen Latifah, I really didn't need to hear "I'll be seeing you." I would have liked more movie music and dialogue clips instead.

Oh, and Sofia Loren was scary as hell. But I think Meryl could probably take her in a fight.

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