Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vignettes from General Convention

Four people get in an elevator, two of them bishops. Non-purple type gets off at a lower floor. Bishop 1 turns to Bishop 2 and says, "He ran against me when I was elected bishop."


I talk to a priest about Confirm not Conform. He says, "Oh, I'm set. I can teach someone everything they need to know to be confirmed in a day if I have to. I just sit them down and talk for a few hours."

Well, OK, then.

Two youth delegates walk through the Exhibit Hall. One comes to a dead stop, grabs the other by the arm and says, "Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!" What is it? the other asks. "It's ALMY!!!" says the young man, gazing at their booth with a sigh. "I'm their biggest fan."

I'm sure he is.


Someone I've never met before asks me, "Do you write The Infusion?" I confess that I do. He tells me he's been reading this blog off and on for about three years. Oh my.

Someone else sees me in the Forward Movement booth, stops, stares, and says, "Are you one of the celebrity bloggers for Lent Madness?" I swell with the sense of my own importance in the grand scheme of things.


At about 9 am on the 4th of July, the lights go dim and the internet goes out in the Exhibition Hall. About 10 minutes later, it comes back on again. About 20 minutes after that, three men show up at the Forward Movement booth.

"Is this booth 515?" they ask. We say it is. They report that they have traced the source of the power outage to this location and proceed to try to figure out what happened. The men tell the FM staff it had something to do with a plug being unplugged and then plugged in again. I confess that when I had showed up at 7:30, I had plugged in an ethernet cord that seemed to have become unplugged. The Forward Movement staff are very nice about it.

But that power outage yesterday? The one that took out the internet and security? My bad. Whoops.

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it's margaret said...

LOL! Thanks LKT for the underground vision of GC!