Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: The Expats

Sometimes you just want a good thriller to read over a weekend and The Expats certainly fit the bill.  It took a good 200 pages to get all the pieces laid out on the board so you could see what was going on, and even then there were a few more twists to keep me guessing.

It's well written with lots of great descriptions of the Luxembourg expat community--especially the wives who uproot themselves and their lives to follow a husband's career.  They are, the author says, the double exes: expat exlawyers, exdoctors, exbusinesswomen.  And in the case of our hero, Kate Moore, ex-CIA.  You know that means trouble.

Likeable characters, interesting set-up, and a decent pay-off.  I'm afraid I'm damning with faint praise, here, but writing a good thriller is no easy feat. Very enjoyable.

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