Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A new addition

Meet Gromit.
We weren't planning to get another dog.  No, we most certainly were not.  We were trying to help friends get another dog.  But then we met Gromit and we knew we were doooomed.

Gromit is a Guatemalan Otter Hound.  Or something.  He came from an organization called AWARE, a non-profit that operates a spay/neuter clinic and no-kill shelter for street dogs and cats in Guatemala.

From what I understand, his former owner had 8 dogs.  When the owner had a stroke, Gromit and the other 7 (including Gromit's father) went to the shelter.  Gromit was placed in a home where the person was gone all day, so he would howl.  He was returned to the shelter, then was sent to the U.S. where he lived with a foster family for a month.  (You can see lots of pictures of him there at the TubeDog Facebook page.)

We saw his profile on Friday evening, put in an application on Saturday, met him on Sunday, and on Monday evening he came to live with us.  He and Harper played non-stop for almost two hours last night, so I think there's a bit of an over-play hangover this morning.  It's remarkably quiet around here.  But so far, so good.

Here's the pack.  (Gromit is looking at one of the cats.)
Oh, the cats are fascinated.  And Jack ate out of Gromit's bowl this morning.  So clearly they're terrified.

Undoubtedly more images to more.  Here are articles from The Bark and SPCA International about AWARE.

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it's margaret said...

Bien venidos, Gromit! and welcome home!