Sunday, January 30, 2011

More on the murder of David Kato--an incoherent rant

Well, it's been a mighty fine display of protestations of innocence regarding the murder of David Kato this week. Yup, a lovely round of hand-washing and -wringing.

We've finally gotten the "crazy person" defense. Took a bit longer than the Tucson shootings because you could go first to the robbery gone wrong notion, or even better gay-on-gay violence (because gays are naturally violent, don't you know) or--better yet--the "it's Africa" excuse, much more subtly, though. After all, the people trying to wash their hands of any involvement with this killing are getting money from these folks.

We've gotten "taking our words out of context", "jumping to conclusions", and "a moment to take very serious stock and to address those attitudes of mind which endanger the lives of men and women belonging to sexual minorities.” Even a lovely bit of righteous indignation that anyone could THINK to imply they are involved.

You know what no one has said yet that I've heard? No one has said I'm sorry. I'm even good with an "if" clause, as in "I'm sorry if what I have said has led someone to do this terrible thing." "I'm sorry if our lack of response has made things more difficult." Nothing. Nada.

Well, I'll start with myself, then. I'm sorry. For things done and left undone that may contribute anything to a climate of fear and hatred, I am most sorry, and shall work to amend my life.

This morning GayUganda tweeted "Ok. Now i know what to ask. Kuchus [gay Ugandans] need spiritual re assurance. Books and literature. Gay positive. Christian. Moslem." We can do that.

One other thing I'd like to add: I would like to see us mark the sin of bearing false witness. Why don't we do that? Why don't we call it the sin that it is? That would be one of the big 10 after all. It is amazing to me how little we hear about it, compared to homosexuality. False witness, like "gay people recruit children." Can't the Archbishop of Canterbury at least speak against that? Or will he just continue to take stock?

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