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Letters to Lillian, June 7, 1922 (part 2)

Part 1 is here.

Next night, same week.

Well I got my sleep out and got up early. That is, I arose at the hour of 10 minutes to six. I amused myself an hour cleaning up the battery, and as far as that is concerned, I spent a half hour tonight. I will have five or six complete cells, together with parts of two or three more.

Blackie must think that I work too easy. He brought down the sample from the quarry and I started to break it up this morning at 8. I broke the breaker, and eventually crushed the sample. I quartered it and I have yet to powder it. I ran two samples today in the lab. which means that I was quite busy. In fact I worked nearly an hour after supper. I have only one on hand now and no more in sight, so I anticipate a little rest. I have not finished with my wireless coils, so I need a little time.

Blackie is quite some fellow. He is a man about 35 or 40, and a native of Edinborough, Scotland, so I guess we will get along all right. He intends moving the floor of our new tent tomorrow, but we will not move for at least a week. I expect a payday soon, as the big boss will be up Saturday. I hope I get my lab. supplies soon. The box will probably bring some. I lose considerable time, and waste considerable gasoline on account of not having enough apparatus. My lime determinations are of only approximate accuracy as I have no Sodium Oxalate to standardize my Permanganate with.

So far the kilns have not started. From the way things look, it will be a few days yet until things get going. The main trouble is lack of distillate for the engines. Besides there don’t seem to be any crew. The boss, Blackie, Dehn, Esteban, Dennis, and I make up the crowd in camp. This of course does not include three women and 8 kids.

You ought to see me make a dive for the table at meal time. Sometimes I am five or ten minutes late, due to having an analysis at a bad point, but I go on the run when I get to a quitting place. The cook we have now suits me fine. Take a breakfast for instance. Mush, bacon and eggs, hotcakes and coffee make the meal. I omit the coffee but eat all the rest. Up here I can get away with things that I can’t use when in town.

By the way, what is the idea of letting the chickens track up the end of your letter. What’s it all about anyway. I don’t dare ask anyone here, because if the[y] knew it wouldn’t do any good. So use English or German or something like that.
[scribbled]Guten Abend
Lieben JimB

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