Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What is up with this?

Yesterday, I read this article on Salon.com that says, in essence, that soon after a career path opens for women and more women enter that field, two things happen:

a) Men stop going into that field "as if those subjects were infested with cooties," the writer adds; and
b) the pay for that profession stalls out or goes down.

Man, is that depressing!

I have the feeling this is true in the church. Amazing how until 35 years ago, being a priest was a job women could not do, and now I get the feeling that many people look at clergy work as something that is unmanly. Do you get that feeling as well?

A while back I wrote about a flutist named Frances Blaisdell, one of the first women to play flute professionally in a major symphony, back in the days when women didn't play the flute. The quote that killed me was that her father "was in the lumber business, but his own love was the flute, and he started teaching her to play when she was 5. He wished she were a boy and called her Jim." Can you even imagine now people thinking that the flute is off-limit for girls?

I said then and I will say again: what the heck is up with this? And, more importantly, how on earth do we get over it?

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