Thursday, January 15, 2009

This makes me sad

I think I posted about Ted Haggard way back when he was outed and ousted, but maybe I just wrote some friends about it. At any rate, he's back and there's a documentary about him coming up on HBO.

Most people seem to be focusing on his comment that he's "a heterosexual with issues," but that's not the thing that got my attention.

Here's the thing that made me sad. An article in the Denver Post says, "During his worst times, he said, those who were most attentive were the filmmakers, Barbara Walters ('she wrote loving e-mails') and CNN's King."

I should have written him and invited him to go to an Episcopal Church where (I hope) he would have been welcomed no matter what. He would have been welcomed if he decided he was gay, or if he decided he was heterosexual with issues, or if he really wasn't sure. Now, knowing the church in all its failings, there would no doubt have been a desire for Haggard to be one thing or another and be a poster child for whatever it was. But I feel very bad that the Church in all its many manifestations seems to have let him down.

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