Saturday, September 20, 2008

More on Dr. Steinberg

I've been thinking about Dr. Steinberg, about whom I blogged just below. It seems to me that he knew that there was a difference between healing and the absence of illness, just as there is a difference between peace and an absence of war. I find it reassuring, in a way, that this medical doctor did not put all of his faith into medicine. I find it a joy that his "treatment" was making chocolate in Lyons. And I can't help but suspect he was a terrific doctor because he knew there was more to life than the functional body and more to health than lack of disease. And I feel he offered a great deal to his patients and to me by leaving the hospital, and I don't just mean in cocoa powder.

In other thoughts, why hasn't the SF Chronicle carried his obituary? Very strange.

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qoe said...

I really like what you said here, and the way that you said it.

And I agree that the Chron should have had an obit.

But I am still celebrating the man's life with his gift to the world...