Monday, September 8, 2008

Anita Page, Silent Film Star

Is that not a fabulous photo?

Here's the thing about Anita Page: "When her contract expired in 1933, Ms. Page was feeling pressured by MGM. Denied a pay raise, she promptly announced her retirement. She was 23." Thus says the Times.

There's no mention of what she does for the next 75 years! Well, OK, she appeared in "The Crawling Brain" in 2002; what inspired her to do that? Seventy-five years is a lot of time to fill; what exactly did she do? Anita Page...woman of mystery.

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andre said...

Anita Page got married in the mid-1930s. That's when she retired. Following the expiration of her MGM contract, she languished in Poverty Row productions for a few years.