Thursday, July 31, 2008

Double Dutch

I was happy this morning to be distracted by the news that New York City schools will offer Double Dutch as a varsity sport starting this fall. And good on 'em, I say.

A fitting memorial to David A. Walker, for whom this article also served as an obituary, in my opinion. "Double dutch is believed to have been first played by Dutch settlers along the Hudson River and was later given the name 'double dutch' by the British, according to a history of the game written by David A. Walker, a former New York City police sergeant who was one of its biggest advocates for more than three decades." In the next paragraph we learn Walker died last week. The picture at the Apollo is due to the Double Dutch Holiday Classic, held at the Apollo each December.

He deserved a good obit, I think. New York cop and founder of the National Double Dutch League. There's a story for you. But varsity Double Dutch would probably make him just as happy.

And for another distraction, check out the video of the Double Dutch Holiday Classic here.

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