Thursday, April 12, 2007

Prayers of the People

I was preparing the Prayers of the People for this Sunday's service today and in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer for this Sunday, April 15, we pray for the Bishop of New Hampshire--that is, Gene Robinson, the man so many blame for the conflict that is in the Anglican Communion today. Oh, if only he hadn't run for bishop, people wouldn't be upset, so it's all his fault, the thinking goes. In which case, we should more likely blame the clergy and delegates of the diocese of New Hampshire who elected him.

But I really am pleased that he is going to be the subject of prayer throughout the Anglican Communion on a Sunday. I'll be curious what kind of reaction that gets. But I also think it's a wonderful thing that we must pray for others, even when we disagree. Of course, I'm kind of chortling to myself, but it's a lesson to me as well.

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