Thursday, April 26, 2007


OK, so I've been gone again, but I've been on vacation. That's my excuse.

I left just after the tragedy at Virginia Tech and feel I have not given it the attention and grief that it is due, and so I have been reading NY Times articles from the previous week about it. The cheek comes from President Bush who was quoted as follows:

In previous cases like that of Virginia Tech, “there have been warning signals that if an adult, for example, had taken those signals seriously, perhaps tragedy could have been avoided,” Mr. Bush said at a town meeting in Tipp City, Ohio.

Hello? 9/11, anyone? If anyone should have some sympathy over whether or not those in authority should take a warning sign seriously, it should be the president. And all the second-guessing in the world is not helpful at this point.

My hearts and prayers go out to all those killed, and especially to their families.

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