Friday, January 4, 2013

Various & Sundry: My Miserable Pony Takes the GOEs, Gains Wisdom

I wasn't quite sure what to make of this tweet:
Until I saw this:

OK! Now that we've got that out of the way...

The General Ordination Exams are this week, testing potential Episcopal priests on subjects that I cannot recall at the moment. The Crusty Old Dean is having quite a time of it, expounding on each question, and for Episcopal geekery, he cannot be beat.

I am so glad I will never have to take those again. I realized today that they reminded me (to expand the field of geekery) of the Kobayashi Maru simulation, given to Star Fleet Academy cadets to put them in a no-win situation. Unless you're Kirk.

In other movie news, Buzzfeed offers A "Les Miz" Character Guide. For example:

And since I'm doing lots of videos today, here's that video that's been making the rounds of a family falling apart after seeing Les Miz. I fall apart just watching the trailer, so believe me, I'm laughing with them.

Oh, and for all you GOE-takers out there, and others as well, I offer you James Martin's 12 things I wish I knew at 25.  Probably especially 7, 8, and 9.
1. First up: Stop worrying so much! It's useless. (I.e. Jesus was right.) 
2. Being a saint means being yourself. Stop trying to be someone else and just be your best self. Saves you heartache. 
3. There's no right way to pray, any more than there's a right way to be a friend. What's "best" is what works best for you. 
4. Remember three things and save yourself lots of unneeded heartache: You're not God. This ain't heaven. Don't act like a jerk. 
5. Your deepest, most heartfelt desires are God's desires for you. And vice versa. Listen. And follow them. 
6. Within you is the idea of your best self. Act as if you were that person and you will become that person, with God's grace. 
7. Don't worry too much about the worst that can happen. Even if it happens, God is with you, and you can handle it. Really. 
8. You can't force people to approve of you, agree with you, be impressed with you, love you or even like you. Stop trying. 
9. When we compare, we are usually imagining someone else's life falsely. So our real-life loses out. I.e. Compare and despair. 
10. Even when you finally realized the right thing, or the Christian thing, to do, it can still be hard to do. Do it anyway. 
11. Seven things to say frequently: I love you. Thank you. Thank you, God. Forgive me. I'm so happy for you! Why not? Yes. 
12. Peace and joy come after asking God to free you -- from anything that keeps you from being loving and compassionate.

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Anonymous said...

Now that I have finally seen Les Misérables, I can report that I could not watch this video without laughing - but I could not watch the movie itself without crying. Yes, I pretty much wept from beginning to end.

I still can not say I understand what has made this such a popular 19th century novel, 20th-century musical, and 21st-century musical film (I prefer The Count of Monte Cristo in the first category and Rent in the second and third) - but I can certainly see that it has a powerful effect.

Would I see it again? Not likely. But can I get the songs out of my head? Not hardly.

Maybe The Hobbit will help.