Saturday, March 3, 2012

Garden Update, March 3

Spring...isn't here yet, but it's close! And it FEELS like spring. And anyway, I'm behind on planting stuff.  Waaaay behind. It was time to get out there are get dirty.

I spent the morning working on the front yard; let me take you on a little tour.

First, here are the sad remains of my attempt at growing cauliflower.  It wasn't that my gardening was so inept so much as that my furry friends thought cauliflower leaves were delicious.  Even with cages over them to protect them, I never got a floret.
Oh so sad.
So I pulled out the sorry remains of the cauliflower corpses and turned over the dirt in hopes that when we grow stuff this year, we'll figure out a way to keep Harper from pulling everything out. A girl can dream.

Aren't they beautiful?

Meanwhile, on the long front stretch of the yard, this is (as they say in baseball) a rebuilding year. I'm hoping for dahlias, zinnias, cosmos, more alstroemerias, and a couple of plants to be named later. But oy. That's a lot of bare dirt that needs filling.

On the other side of the yard, the tulips and other bulby plants are doing their thing and looking pretty good!

And the magnolia looks fabulous!
Except, of course, for the ones that have been trampled by a person or persons unknown. (Harper would insist that she kept those nasty tramplers out of the yard by saying hihihihi.)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the bulk of the bulbs make it to full flower.

On the other side of the fence, I weeded around the sweet peas and tried to train them up the fence. I also planted some Tigridia bulbs. I'd never heard of these, but found a bag of them at CostCo. They look good, and they should come into flower just as the sweet peas poop out. That's the plan anyway.

I'm happy to report that the hydrangeas survived my ruthless pruning in the fall. They are clearly already making plans to devout  devour the house yet again. (Devout, devour...whatever.)

Next: planting vegetable (and flower) seeds using my new Mini Greenhouse! That will require a further report, another time--once I've actually done it.

What's new in your garden?

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